Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries of the foot. They are particularly common in sports that involve change of direction or jumping, with high incidences reported in soccer, AFL & basketball. Ankle strapping is commonly used in athletes who have a previous history of ankle sprain injuries.


How can Ankle Strapping help?

Strapping of the ankle provides stability to the joint and reduces the amount of motion available at the ankle joint. The strapping acts as a support mechanism to surrounding ligaments to ensure the ankle does not move outside its comfortable range. Strapping also provides proprioceptive feedback to the body to encourage the foot to stay in the correct alignment.

Strapping allows the athletes to return to sport earlier following an injury and also provides confidence to the athlete that the ankle is supported.


Lateral Ankle Strapping


  • Economical use of tape
  • Improves proprioception

Use for:

  • Lateral ankle injuries
  • Peroneal injuries
  • Ankle ligament instability 



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