Kicking Goals.... It's Time to Celebrate

By Kirstine Mann

It won't be long before Highett Podiatry celebrates 20 years.  In November, 1998, I took a big gamble and decided to go it alone in private podiatry practice.  I was a very "green" 24 year old with big aspirations and a lot to learn.  

I put the call out to my "tradie" friends to help me transform an old  concrete shell of a shop, into a functional space to see my future patients.  With a very limited budget and an amazing bunch of people who worked for beer and fish and chips and my incredibly supportive parents, Highett Podiatry became what we knew it to be for the first 15 years.

Five years ago, I took another big leap and underwent a major change in our podiatry clinic - a complete rebuild of the clinic and doubling the size of our space.  We created the ability to have four podiatrists working at once, a large and spacious reception area and a modern, state of the art biomechanics and orthotics area.
I am proud to say that Highett Podiatry has become one of the largest stand alone podiatry practices in the country, employing six podiatrists and 3 administration staff. 

I would like to thank you, our patients, the Bayside community, my family and friends and my exceptional staff for helping me achieve this goal.  Without your support, Highett Podiatry would not be where it is today.

I look forward to sharing with you some photos of our celebration planned for November, where we will have the chance to catch up with all the staff members from the past 20 years.

Thank you.