Back to School!

It’s that time of year again, new school uniforms, new books and pencils but most importantly new school shoes.

Each year your children’s school shoes take a beating, not only do they wear them for their classes but at play time they often take on the role of a sports shoe.  

Shoes for your children should ideally have features including:

  • A firm, comfortable fit both in length and width  with a rounded toe

  • Plenty of room for the toes - a thumb width of length measured from your longest toe is ideal

  • A durable, firm sole with the heel pitched higher than the forefoot - ideally about 20 mm

  • Heel support - you shouldn’t be able press the heel counter down

  • Laces, straps or a velcro fastener to hold the shoe to the foot

  • Natural leather or similar natural material that allows the foot to breath

Children’s feet grow rapidly, especially over the summer holidays so it is important to make sure their shoes fit and are comfortable; as shoes that are too tight can lead to blisters, callouses and can even harm the soft pliable bones of the developing foot.

Don’t forget to check their sports shoes and runners as well, especially if they haven’t been wearing them over the holidays.

Highett Podiatry recommends you replace your child’s school shoes at least every year, even if they still fit the support will be lost over the year.  Another common thing we see is that school shoes can be fitted too big, especially on the little ones. If you are unsure of your child’s fit, please call us on 95553044 to organise a time to drop in for our “free shoe fit reassurance.”  Any of our six podiatrists are happy to check your child’s shoe fit at any time of year.