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A child's legs and feet reach certain developmental milestones at certain times and it is important children progress properly.

Some conditions may outgrow themselves naturally, but many need some form of intervention.

Typical conditions include foot and leg abnormalities, inherited conditions, poor walking positions, late walking or growing pains.

We assess and treat children from 2 days old through to teens.

Early assessment is key - NO REFERRAL REQUIRED

Highett Podiatry is an experienced children's podiatry clinic. We love seeing children come into the practice.  

All our podiatrists offer nurturing and quality paediatric foot care and understand the impact growth causes in certain conditions and the benefit of early intervention.

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Children's feet  podiatrist Highett Podiatry Melbourne

common questions

'What is expected at a certain age and what might be a developmental or postural concern?'

Our podiatrists are wonderful at explaining to Mum and Dad what is happening with their child’s feet – including what is normal and what may need attention.

Our aim is for you to leave our clinic having been educated about their foot development and how we can help your child have an active life.

When treatment is required, a strength and stretching program, footwear advice, splinting, casting or orthotic therapy may be provided. We can also advise and organise specialist referral if required. 



Additional Paediatric Podiatry Services

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Would your kinder benefit from a visit from one of our expert podiatrists?

Highett Podiatry gives talks at local kindergartens to parents and performs screenings on kids free of charge.

Our podiatrist interacts with the children to make it as fun as possible. We check gait, foot function, hip function and footwear during the screening.

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Our team of experienced paediatric podiatrists work in partnership regularly with children’s health care providers and hospital specialist teams.