Many diabetic patients don’t realise how easily they can cause trauma and damage to their feet.

Podiatrists play an important health care role in the assessment and management of the diabetic foot.

Diabetes disrupts the vascular system, causing damage to the nerves and blood supply. Diabetes affects the feet significantly, thereby making foot care necessary to prevent serious complications developing.

Education on correct and preventative foot management is extremely important as part of our diabetic patient foot care. 

At Highett Podiatry, we assess and monitor any vascular and neurological changes in the feet to avoid neuropathy, ulceration and infection.

Diabetes foot care podiatrist Highett Podiatry


Diabetes Doppler Ultrasound Highett Podiatry

Our diabetic assessments are conducted annually to monitor any changes in the feet.

The Doppler enables us to assess the volume and rate of the blood flow to the feet and is used to help us identify blood clots, tumours, vessel narrowing or any other abnormalities.

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Maggie Stewart Highett Podiatry  Diabetes podiatrist Diabetes Educator  Diabetes Educator Bayside Diabetes Educator Melbourne

Our ADEA credentialed Diabetes Educator, Maggie Stewart is a specialist in diabetes.  As a health professional, her focus is on helping people to self-manage their diabetes effectively and prevent complications. Her role is to assist with information and work with our podiatrists to provide ongoing education and care management. 

For diabetic patients aged 17+, her sessions include:

  • Diabetes education - Type 1 and Type 2

  • Insulin commencement and ongoing management

  • Gestational diabetes - education and ongoing management

  • Insulin pump therapy education including pump preparation, upgrades, new pump starts and ongoing management and education

  • Blood glucose calculator meters - to assist with managing insulin when counting carbohydrates

  • Blood glucose meters - provision, education and set up

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring – both blinded and real time


Session costs

$125 for a 60 minute appointment

$65 for 30 minute appointment


Registered for Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)

Registered with Medicare for Enhanced Primary Care referrals via GP. Rebate is $52.95.

Without a GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangements (TCA) with allied health referral, there is no rebate for Maggie’s services.