Pre-pointe assessment Highett Podiatry

At Highett Podiatry, our Pre-Pointe assessments examine the following:

  • Age

  • Posture and skeletal maturity

  • Ballet technique

  • Turnout range and strength

  • Foot / ankle strength and balance

  • Flexibility vs. hypermobility through the foot and ankle

  • Core/pelvic stability

We also factor in your dance history and any previous or current injuries.




Pre Pointe Assessment Outcome

At the end of the assessment, dancers and parents will have a good understanding of what is required to progress onto pointe. The dancer will receive specific home exercises to work on.

Once all requirements have been met, your podiatrist will provide a report for your dance teacher. You will then be able to purchase your first pair of pointe shoes. 

Ballet Pre Pointe Assessment Highett Podiatry
Pre-pointe podiatrist Kirstine Mann Highett Podiatry
Dance Pre-pointe assessment Highett Podiatry
Pre-pointe assessment Highett Podiatry

Qualified Pre-Pointe Podiatrist

Pre-pointe assessments are conducted by Kirstine Mann and Sophie Young, our podiatrists with a background of dance, within our fully equipped clinic. Both Kirstine and Sophie are trained in dance screening and assessment and are both qualified ballet teachers.


How to book

Please notify our receptionists when making a pre-pointe assessment, so we can allocate appropriate appointment length.


How long does it take?

Our pre-pointe assessments take 40 minutes, during which your Podiatrist will consider your history, conduct the full physical assessment and provide relevant exercises as appropriate.


How much does it cost?

Initial consultation cost is $90.

You can receive your private health insurance rebate instantly through our HICAPS direct claiming system.

A detailed report for your dance teacher will be provided.


What do I need to wear?

Please come to the assessment with clothes that allow us to examine your body (i.e. leotard, bike shorts, footless tights). We will conduct the assessment in both your ballet shoes and bare feet.

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