Podiatry For Children

A child’s legs and feet reach certain developmental milestones at certain times and it is important children progress properly.

In some conditions, children may outgrow naturally, but many need some form of intervention.

Typical conditions include foot and leg abnormalities, inherited conditions, toe walking, poor foot posture, lack of coordination, late walking, and growing pains.

We assess and treat children from newborns through to teens.

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Early assessment is key - NO REFERRAL IS REQUIRED

Highett Podiatry is an experienced children’s podiatry clinic. We love seeing children come into the practice as much as they love coming to see us. We take special care with a nurturing approach, establishing a rapport to ensure children are comfortable and trust us. A little sticker or toy is often given to our little patients to keep a smile on their faces.

Your questions will be answered

Our aim is for you to leave our clinic having been educated about their foot and lower limb development and how we can help your child have an active life.

When treatment is required, a strength and stretching program, footwear advice, splinting, casting, or orthotic therapy may be provided. We can also advise and organise a specialist referral if required.

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Common Foot Issues in Children

Our Podiatry Services for Children

Childrens Kids Orthotics - Highett Podiatry

Orthotic and insole prescription

Children Walking And Running Gait Podiatrists - Highett Podiatry

Walking and running assessments

Children Sports Injuries - Highett Podiatry

Childrens’ sports injuries

Strengthening And Stretching Exercise - Highett Podiatry

Strengthening and stretching exercises

Children Shoes Kids - Highett Podiatry

Footwear assessments and advice (first walker and school shoes)

Children Nail Skin Care - Highett Podiatry

Nail and skin care

Additional Paediatric Podiatry Services

Kindergarten Screenings

Would your kinder benefit from a visit from one of our expert podiatrists?

Highett Podiatry performs screenings on pre-school aged kids free of charge at their kindergarten.

Our podiatrist interacts with the children to make it as fun as possible. We check gait, foot function, hip function and footwear, and skin and nail condition during the screening.

All parents/carers receive a report and follow-up advice following our kinder screening visit.

Please call us at 9555 3044 or email us at reception@highettpodiatry.com.au to book us to come out to your kindergarten or ELC.

Working In Partnership

Our team of experienced pediatric podiatrists works in partnership regularly with children’s health care providers, maternal child health nurses, pediatricians, and hospital specialist teams.

We also recommend preferred shoe stores for children.

Footwear Fitting

We offer a free-of-charge “shoe fit check” to all our paediatric patients. Whether you have just purchased a new pair of shoes for your child or you aren’t sure whether your child’s shoes are getting too small, we are here to help. 


What is the normal age children start to walk?
Most children start walking anywhere on average from 9.5 months – 17.5 months. If your baby is 18 months or older and hasn’t started walking yet, or if you’re concerned about your child’s development, contact your pediatrician.
My child has flat feet, is that normal?

Children younger than 3 tend to have less of a visible arch due to the prominent fatty pads in their feet. However, as they grow, their arch becomes more developed.

Children over 5 who still have flat feet may need intervention.

  • Are they in pain?
  • Do they tire quickly?
  • Any unusual wear patterns on shoes?
  • Do they fall or trip a lot?
  • Are they not keeping up physically with their peers?

If they answer yes to any of those questions, it is recommended that you have a paediatric foot assessment at Highett Podiatry.

What are the best shoes for toddlers?
  • First walkers with a flexible sole are recommended if your child’s foot and lower limb development is within normal limits.
  • A firmer shoe with higher ankle support may be advised if your child’s foot posture requires more stability
  • At Highett Podiatry we can advise on the best shoes for your toddler and can provide education on the fitting process.

Always Consult A Trained Professional

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