Onyfix Nail Bracing



Nail Bracing is non surgical technique helps correct the pathological shape of curved or involuted nails, as shown in the picture. This stops the nail from digging into the skin causing pain from ingrowing.

The process involves moulding a linear brace to the base of the nail. The brace creates spring tension that gently lifts and holds the nail continuously to straighten it over time. For severe cases this can take several months, but can create fantastic results!

The application of the brace is a painless procedure and the brace is cured under a UV light. 

This differs to wire braces as we do not need to hook or cut anywhere under the nail at the side. This makes the treatment less painful and intrusive whilst yielding similar or better outcomes!

A brace will usually remain on the nail for 2-3 months before needing to be removed and replaced. Depending of the curvature of the nail the bracing process usually takes 3-12 months or applications. 


Onyfix Nail Brace Highett Podiatry
Onyfix Nail Bracing Highett Podiatry

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