Orthotics FAQ's

Will my Orthotics be comfortable?
  • At Highett Podiatry we guarantee your orthotics will be comfortable
  • Click here to see our Guarantee policy
Will I need to buy new Shoes for my Orthotics to fill in?
  • Your shoe size should not change, although some of your shoes may not fit your orthotics.
  • Reasons for this is that your shoe may be too narrow or shallow to accommodate your orthotics.
Why are custom Orthotics Expensive?
  • Costs involve the prescription, assessment and issue of the orthotic device made specifically for you
  • The manufacturing lab uses the latest in 3-D scanning and manufacturing of your device
  • Materials used are of the highest quality
  • The latest technology is used within our clinic to ensure your orthotics are of the highest quality.
Do I need to war my Othotics all the Time?
  • This is individual to the patient. Some people feel the need to wear their orthotics at all times, where others can go periods of time without wearing them
  • If your symptoms return without your orthotics get them back in your shoes
  • Remember, your orthotics are like glasses, they only work when you are wearing them.
How often do I need to Replace my Orthotics
  • Custom orthotics made from nylon rarely wear out. Some EVA devices can compress and will need to be replaced.
  • Orthotics need to be replaced when they either wear out or become obsolete to your needs.
  • Changes in foot and lower limb structure and alignment will need a new orthotic prescription.
Will Orthotics make my feet weak?
  • This is debatable. Orthotics only work when you wear them and usually are worn by patients to combat a weakness or alignment issues.
  • Your podiatrist will give you a strengthening program alongside your orthotic prescription and issue.
Do I need more than one pair of Orthotics for Different Shoes or Activity?
  • In some cases (rarely) an orthotic prescription for sport or running can differ to your normal standing and walking orthotics.
  • Most people only require one pair of orthotics that they can move between shoes and activities.
Do Customised Orthotics do the same Job as the Insoles I can buy at the Chemist?
  • Unfortunately, no. Customised orthotics are prescribed to fit your foot “like a glove” with the maximum control prescribed
  • “Off the Shelf” or “arch supports” are made with a low control correction and low arch height, as to not cause any major alignment problems for the wearer. These can sometimes offer temporary results and improvement for some patients, but most people will need more support, contour and alignment to get maximum results and be comfortable.

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