Come into the clinic for your Pre Pointe-Assessments or, if you are injured, we can diagnose, treat and prescribe a ‘Return to Dance’ program with a focus on correcting dance mechanics, technique and posture.

Pre Pointe Assesments

For ballet dancers looking to commence dancing en pointe to ensure they are safe to make this transition. We use an evidence-based assessment program evaluating aspects of the dancer’s technique, strength, control, posture, flexibility, and maturity.

Our program also offers ongoing support for those already dancing en pointe to maintain optimal foot and lower limb health.

Dance Injury Management

The Dance Clinic understands, respects, and is sympathetic to the demands of the art.

We pay particular attention to the dancer’s mindset and treat injuries accordingly with the utmost care to support their rehabilitation. We customise our rehabilitation programs as part of a ‘Return to Dance’ plan in collaboration with the dancer and teacher.

Always Consult A Trained Professional

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