Is it ok to wear 2nd hand shoes?

My opinion is no……………. why you ask?’

Firstly, all shoes mould around the foot and biomechanics of the wearer.  If your child has a second hand pair of shoes that are moulded to the foot posture and function of another child, they may experience pain.  This is due to the foot having to work harder against the wear patterns and these pains can be in the thighs, knees, shins, heels and arches and can be quite distressing for the child.  In rare cases where the shoe looks like it has been barely worn, check inside for any wear indentations. If indentations are present, please don’t put them on your child’s feet.

Secondly, shoes are a major breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.  These organisms love warm, dark and moist places, so inside shoes is a great place to breed.  Keep these to yourself and don’t “spread the love.”

Thirdly, to give your child the best chance at development, growth and comfort get shoes fitted for them.  Shoes should be well fitted either by the parent or the shoe sales assistance.

Finally, if there is one thing you buy your child new, it should be their shoes.  This includes their sport and activity shoes. You might think for the hour or so a week they are in them, it won’t matter, but generally speaking the amount of steps and impact created during sport and extra curricular activities can be the equivalent of a day at school.

By Kirstine Mann
Highett Podiatry