We all hope 2024 is a fun-filled year and to get the year off to a flying start, on many families’ agenda is NEW SCHOOL SHOES!!

Although Highett Podiatry recommends you replace your child’s school shoes at least every year, even when they still fit, this year may be different.  Your child may not have grown out of their school shoes, and they may still look alright, but most shoes are not built to last more than 9 -12 months and can lose their internal support, causing foot discomfort and in some cases injury.

Shoes for your children should ideally have features including:

·         A firm, comfortable fit both in length and width with a rounded toe

·         Plenty of room for toes – a thumb width of length measured from the longest toe is ideal

·         A durable, firm sole with the heel pitched higher than the forefoot – ideally about 20 mm

·         Heel support – you shouldn’t be able to press the heel counter down

·         Laces, straps or a velcro fastener to hold the shoe to the foot

·         Natural leather is recommended to allow the foot to breathe

At Highett Podiatry, we strongly advise against second-hand or hand-me-down shoes. This is because shoes mould around the foot and biomechanics of the wearer.  If your child has a second-hand pair of shoes that are moulded to another child’s foot posture and function, they may experience pain.  This is due to the foot having to work harder against the wear patterns, and these pains can be in the thighs, knees, shins, heels and arches and can be pretty distressing for the child.  In rare cases where the shoe looks like it has been barely worn, check inside for any wear indentations. If indentations are present, please don’t put them on your child’s feet.

Another common issue is that school shoes can be fitted too big, especially for little ones. If you are unsure of your child’s fit, please call us on 95553044 to arrange a time to drop in for our “free shoe fit reassurance.”  Any of our seven podiatrists at Highett Podiatry are happy to do a complimentary fit check of your child’s shoe at any time of year.

Kirstine Mann, founder and director of Highett Podiatry, has her daughter wearing a cheaper school shoe from Target.  She believes that if the shoes have all of the above features and fit your child’s foot, buying a cheaper shoe can be both beneficial on the “hip pocket” and beneficial to your child’s foot health. Alternating between 2 pairs reduces the chances of Athlete’s foot and preserves the structure of the shoe, reducing the chance of developing foot pain or injury.

·        Clarks school shoe range (Podiatrist recommended)


·        Ascent School shoe range  (endorsed by Australian Podiatry Assoc.)