Diabetes is the epidemic of the 21st century and the biggest challenge confronting Australia’s health system.

Why are my feet at risk?

Diabetes can cause changes to the nerves and circulation to the lower legs and feet. If untreated, damage to the sensation and circulatory system can occur, which may lead to serious infection. Having diabetes increases the risk of foot complications dramatically. Foot ulcers, leading to infection and possible amputation is a serious risk for those suffering with diabetes.

This damage is more likely if:

  • You’ve have diabetes for a long time

  • Your diabetes is poorly controlled

  • You smoke

  • You are inactive

  • You don’t regularly visit your GP

Why should I have my feet tested annually?

Diabetes complications can firstly be identified in the eyes, kidneys and feet due to the small blood vessels and nerve endings in these areas.  If there is too much sugar in your blood from diabetes, it can lead to poor blood glucose control and cause nerve damage to the feet. This begins the process of loss of sensation and reduced blood flow.

Common foot problems can have serious consequences for people with Diabetes.  Having your feet checked regularly by a podiatrist and having an annual foot assessment can help prevent problems or identify issues earlier.  Prevention is the best treatment for people suffering with diabetes.  

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