So it’s nearly February and you’ve been pounding the pavement since January 2nd. Your “New Year’s Resolution” to get back into running got off to a great start, with you smashing 5km the first time back running.

You know you aren’t 25 anymore, but you decide that it’s time to get fit and you start a running program………… 25 wasn’t that long ago, was it?

Now four weeks later, your shins burn and you can’t run more than one kilometre without having to stop due to the pain.

Where did you go wrong?

Firstly, those runners you wore back in 2016 don’t have the support required for your running program. They are either too old or don’t have enough support. A few years ago, NIKE, Sketchers and many other shoe brands thought it was a good idea to make their shoes super soft and unsupportive. This along with many lower limb injuries helped pay for a few hot dinners for your local podiatrists and physios.

Secondly, you went too fast and too far too quickly. It is important to gradually build up to a safe running distance and speed. Please consult a professional to safely reintroduce yourself to an exercise regime.

Thirdly, those muscles and tendons aren’t as strong and resilient as they used to be. Look after your recovery with some self-massage, icing and rest.

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