Are you dreading wearing sandals and showing your unsightly nails this summer? Are they crumbling? Discoloured? Or damaged from trauma? KeryFlex could be the answer for you!

KeryFlex is used to improve the cosmetics of nails. It is a painless, in room application of resin under UV light. It is not a cure for nail damage or disease, but a fantastic way to improve the look of unattractive nails.

Your podiatrist will tidy up and file your existing nail, and model a flexible, but durable, non-porous nail. It requires no drying time after application and nail polish can be applied (and removed) between visits.

Actual patient. Results may vary. Unretouched photos before and after KeryFlex application.

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What do I need to consider before KeryFlex application?

You need to have at least 30% of your existing nail attached to the nail bed to optimise adherence and longevity.

It should not be used if you have an active ingrown toenail.

KeryFlex works best on big toenails, lesser nails are usually too small for quality application. If you are concerned about the look of your lesser nails, there are many ways your podiatrist can thin down and shape the nails to improve their appearance.

How long does KeryFlex last?

How quickly your toenail grows determines how long KeryFlex lasts. Often damaged, thickened nails are quite slow growing so KeryFlex can stay in place for some months. The KeryFlex can crack or fall off with damage or trauma.

Can I treat my fungal nail infection with Keryflex on?

KeryFlex can be used if you are taking oral Terbinafine to treat your fungal nails. If you are using topical antifungals KeryFlex will inhibit the penetration of the medication to the nail and thus decrease its effect.

Can I still wear nail polish with Keryflex?

Yes! Nail polish can still be worn with KeryFlex. You are also able to use acetone free nail polish remover.

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