If you have a chronic health or foot condition, your doctor may set up a Chronic Disease GP management plan or Team Care Arrangement. They GP will issue with you an EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) plan to invite us to be a part of this Team Care Arrangement. Once we receive this referral the paperwork from your GP is entered into our system and we accept the GP’s invitation to be part of your care plan.

This enables us to claim on your Medicare rebate on your behalf, with Medicare. Your rebate will go directly into the account you have linked to Medicare.

Our fee is paid upfront on the day of treatment, as we need to receive payment to complete the claim process from Medicare for you. We can email or print a copy of your Medicare claim.

Please let our staff know if you have an EPC when booking your appointment, or when you arrive for your appointment to allow us to have your referral active in our system.


How long is my referral valid for?

The EPC is valid for 12-18 months from the date of issue or when all allocated visits have been used.

How many times can I come to access podiatry on my care plan?

You can only claim 5 treatments per calendar year. This is across the board for your providers on your care plan. Eg. 3 appointments with us and 2 with your physio. NOT 5 for each practitioner.

Do you bulk bill?

We do not Bulk Bill.

EPC Process:

1) See your GP they may issue you with the EPC (1-5 claimable visits).

2)     Your GP will fax through to us the, or print out the EPC for you to bring in to us

3) We input this into our system.

4) At your appointment, you pay in full ($100 New Patient first visit, $88 Standard)

5) We claim directly with Medicare (the rebate is at a minimum of $56 but can be as high as 90% of the fee charged, depending on your level of Safety Net. This is automatically paid into your bank account)

6) We can email or print the Medicare statement and we will keep a record of how many visits you have left on that EPC. We will endevour to let you know when a new referral is required each year.


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