The roses are blooming, the sun is shining, you’ve got your dress and hat sorted and  shoes……………… oooh but will my feet survive.

Here’s some tips to get you through the day and home with your shoes still on your feet!

1.  Choose a shoe that has contoured support through the arch of your foot as this will reduce  pressure onthe balls of your feet.

2. A wedge style or block heel can be more comfortable and you’re less likely to sink into 
the lawn when watching the race. 

3. A buckle or a strap on your shoe holds the shoe to your foot; this way you won’t have to claw your toes to keep your shoes on your feet

4. Check out some of the gorgeous styles from Bared. Bared are designed by a podiatrist, taking into account all of the above. 

Come and see us a week or so before the big week to get your feet pampered and prepared. We will cut your nails, treat your corns and callouses and attend to your dry heels. Click on the link, for Podicare Vs Pedicure to see the benefits of a podiatry foot treatment.
Moisturise your feet daily to prevent friction and blisters and pack Blister bandaids just in case. We can also advise on shoe padding, heel grips and good footwear choices to help your enjoy your day with comfy feet.

And after the last race….. 
Don’t walk home with your shoes off! Not only is not a good look, it can be very dangerous. Pop a pair of jiffy shoes in your handbag just in case.

Take home message – Be prepared and back a winner!!!!