Tristan Machutchison

  • Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice (La Trobe)
  • Member of Australian Podiatry Association (MAPodA)
  • Eastern Ranges Football Club Podiatrist

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Tristan is an accomplished and experienced sports podiatrist who has a passion for AFL foot and ankle injuries. He enjoys all things sports and is the Eastern Ranges Football Club Podiatrist. He can diagnose, manage and rehabilitate acute and chronic foot and ankle injuries. He is experienced in treating athletes & general population from kids through to adults.

He has a particular interest in Foot and Ankle injuries, exercise rehabilitation for musculoskeletal conditions of the lower limbs, tendinopathies of the lower limb and foot, heel & forefoot conditions, and ankle injuries.

He enjoys all things sports and works with local amateur and professional football teams.

He is also very knowledgeable in diagnosing, managing and rehabilitating acute and chronic foot and ankle injuries including shin pains, heel pains and Achilles issues. He is not only experienced in treating but enjoys the challenge of prescribing rehabilitation programs, orthotics and soft tissue treatments to get his patients back to what they love best.

Heel pain is a specialty of Tristan’s. Treating and resolving patients of all ages, chronic heel pains, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathies. He has devised a program that he can tailor to you including soft tissue therapy, strapping, footwear advice and orthotics.

He is dedicated to his continuing education, attending seminars held by Sports Medicine Australia, The Australian Podiatry Association and Sports and Exercise Podiatry.

Tristan is looking forward to getting married early next year and enjoying travel with his soon-to-be new wife.

Locations: Highett