Jeremy Lynn is an experienced podiatrist here at Highett Podiatry, who has a particular interest in Sports Podiatry and Basketball.

Jeremy, along with his extensive biomechanical and podiatric knowledge and his vast knowledge of sports footwear, gives us an insight into current basketball shoes and shares his opinion on what he thinks is the best in the current market.

Jeremy’s advice on basketball shoes is an excellent read for all players, from recreational juniors to elite professional players.

What are the different types of basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes main design features provide lateral support for side-to-side movement that protects your foot from rolling in or out.

What features should I look for in a basketball shoe?

Basketball boots can be a statement piece, although it is recommended that you choose a shoe for it’s structural features before choosing the shoe based on it’s aesthetic qualities.


Grip and traction is very important when choosing your basketball shoe. Traction assists in stability and execution of quick jumps, stopping and starting and changing direction without slipping. Outsoles with a herringbone or diamond shape are ideal for maximum grip.


Common belief is when it comes to basketball shoes, the less cushioning the better. Because of the complexity of the footwork and the speed required for the game, a thinner midsole will give players more control over their movements.


1. High-Top Basketball Shoes

Benefits: Increased ankle stability and support, lots of style options.

High-top basketball shoes are the most well-known type of basketball shoe on the market. High-top basketball shoes are great for players who rely on quick and sudden movements, jumps, crossovers, etc., giving the ankle more support and reducing the chance of ankle injury.

2. Mid-Top Basketball Shoes

Benefits: Combines best features of high and low-tops. Versatile shoe.

The player gets the best combination of ankle support and the flexibility of freedom of mobility.

3. Low-Top Basketball Shoes

Benefits: Increased ankle mobility and the lightest type of basketball shoe.

The low-top basketball shoe is the best option for speed and agility.

The low-top upper is not restrictive, allowing the player to move more freely around the court. It is also a much lighter alternative to a high top basketball shoe.

Basketball shoes are a mix of style and function, with players holding importance towards each. However, the basketball shoe world has had issues recently with specific model productions being halted, specifically the Kobe and Kyrie Nike lines. Additionally, Vanessa Bryant chose not to renew the estate’s contract with Nike following Kobe’s passing. Also, Kyrie has lost his contract due to off-court disputes (stay tuned with Adidas and Puma in the works).

Here are some of Jeremy’s tips.

“The best basketball shoes recommended by a podiatrist.”

Nike Lebron XXI (21) – Comfort and Traction

Lebron’s previous models are known to be big, bulky and heavy. However, this new model is fresh air and might be my pick of the season.

  • The traction and court grip are elite on the outsole, allowing greater agility and changes in direction. Avoid outdoors as the grooves are thin and will wear quickly.
  • Low-cut style with a carbon fibre shank for increased midfoot support and a high amount of cushioning gives this shoe comfort and impact protection.

Nike KD 16 – Low Top and Outdoor

Up to its 16th version, Durant’s shoes have not disappointed, with the 14 being a favourite for many players. This update features a low-cut style, unlike the previous high-cut.

  • The cushioning is very similar, if not the same, to the KD 14 due to its success as being one of the most cushioned models of the year.
  • Provides a more grounded and lower feel compared to the previous model, it is ideal pick for those playing on outdoor courts looking for outsole durability.

New Balance TWO WXY V4

  • Designed for basketball’s split-second reactions – the sudden accelerations, quick stops, pivots, and high-impact landings throughout every game.
  • A lively, dual-density, energy-returning FuelCell midsole is amplified by ABZORB cushioning, strategically placed at the heel and forefoot

Air Jordan 37 – Ankle and Foot Support

  • A Zoom Air unit cushions your foot to add a burst of responsiveness off the dribble.
  • A Hollowed-out section between the outsole and midsole helps reduce weight and exposes the shoe’s stabilising shank (a piece of durable plastic that helps keep the shoe from twisting).

Curry 10 – Light and wide

  • UA Flow cushioning technology is super-light, bouncy & provides insane grip
  • Internal midfoot shank adds support & stability to every move
  • Durable UA Flow outsole provides better court feel so you can cut & stop/start faster than ever before