An endorsed podiatrist is a podiatrist who has done considerable additional study and training, allowing them to prescribe a selection of scheduled medicines. Many hours assisting a podiatric surgeon, observing prescribing practitioners of various disciplines, extensive study in pharmacology and numerous case studies are required to be completed by a postgraduate podiatrist for them to become endorsed. Click here to learn more.

Endorsed podiatrists, along with all podiatrists are bound by their registration with AHPRA, to uphold the latest in continuing education. At Highett Podiatry, our podiatrists pride themselves on completing the further study, attending workshops and keeping up with the latest in medical advancements.

The other podiatric staff at Highett Podiatry will continue their post-graduate education journey to join Sophie and Rebecca in becoming endorsed, with Jeremy planning to start his endorsement qualification process this year.

What are the benefits of seeing an endorsed podiatrist?

Commonly, podiatrists treat conditions that could benefit from the prescription of an endorsed scheduled medicine at the consultation’s time rather than having patients return to their GP for a script. This enables the patients’ treatment plan to be instigated immediately for a better and quicker outcome. It also benefits the patient by reducing consultation costs and time.

Some examples of presenting complaints to a podiatrist and treatment scenarios are:

  • Cortisone Injections: Cortisone injections can aid in the healing and reduction of inflamed tissue. At Highett Podiatry, our endorsed podiatrist is trained and qualified to administer Cortisone for your injury. Your endorsed podiatrist can perform these injections guided by live ultrasound imaging to help you get the best results. At Highett Podiatry, we are fortunate to have an onsight handheld ultrasound machine.

  • Anti-biotics: If you have an infection associated with an ingrown toenail, your endorsed podiatrist can prescribe the appropriate antibiotic to aid in your treatment.

  • Anti-fungals: Our most common nail condition presenting at our clinic is a fungal infection of the toenail. An endorsed podiatrist will be able to provide you with oral medication to treat this without having to consult your GP.

  • Pre and post-procedure medications.: For particularly anxious patients, an endorsed podiatrist can prescribe and administer drugs to combat this, either at consultation or pre- or post-operatively.

  • Gout and other inflammatory arthroses: An endorsed podiatrist will assist with all aspects of treatment, including oral anti-inflammatories and manual therapies.

Our endorsed podiatrists at Highett Podiatry, include Sophie Young, and we expect Rebecca Neaves to receive her endorsement any day too.